I have worked on a variety of wonderful projects with many great people over the last several years. These are some of them:

Open Pilot Logo


Logo, wordmark and styleguide for a next-generation open source UAV autopilot.

HPR Logo

Hacker Public Radio

Logo and conference banner work for the community-produced podcast about all things hacker related.

Goois Gebaar Logo

Goois Gebaar

Logo, business cards and stationery work for a private practice focusing on the support of children with learning challenges.

OpenSchedule Logo

OpenSchedule for Android

Icon and Google Play store imagery for the OpenSchedule for Android mobile app.

Self Logo

Southeast Linuxfest

Logo, brochures, print ads and more for the wonderful "Self" conferences in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Digital Education Logo

Digital Education

Google+ profile logo for a community that is passionate about using open source technology to innovate education in South Africa and Africa.



Logo and wordmark for a podcast about the venerable open source DVR project.

Indiana Linuxfest Logo

Indiana Linuxfest

Logo, t-shirt, and website graphics work for the Indiana Linuxfest.