About Me

I am a structural engineer by profession and live in southern Ontario, Canada. A techie sort of geek by nature, I also have a passion for visual design, photography, and all things open source. I am also extremely fortunate to be the father of the most wonderful daughter in the world. She is my anchor, my rock and my inspiration.

I have been lucky enough to apply my passion for graphic design to several projects over the years - mostly gratis work for free and open source software projects, but I have also done a little paid work as well. I love helping people out with projects, but I'm not too proud to take donations either. :)

Perhaps notable (to some), I am one half of the team that created which is a site holding over 100 Inkscape screencast tutorials that a good friend and I created a few years back. While we don't seem to be updating it (you never know though), it still seems to be a valuable resource for people.

Also, perhaps by way of my good friend or the screencasters site, I had the chance to be one of the technical reviewers for a booked called Inkscape Beginner's Guide. So yes, I did actually get my name in print. I can at least check that one off the list. :)

About this Site

This site, and indeed all of my work is created with Free Software tools. I run Linux on my laptop and desktop at home. The vast majority of my design work has been done with Inkscape - which is a vector based design program similar to Adobe Illustrator. I've also used Blender and Gimp at various times for various things.

As of this writing, I've only used two fonts for the site. One is Ostrich Sans which can be found at the fabulous The League of Moveable Type site along with several other great free licensed fonts. The other is Roboto which I've used from Google's webfont directory. Roboto happens to be the same font used in the latest versions of Android as well.


The best way to reach me is on Google+. That's where I'm most active online. However you can also email me if you like. In an admittedly weak attempt to foil spammers, you can email me at: rfquerin AT gmail DOT com.